The infinite possibilities of Rock Wash by Rockolors!

The Rock Wash floors are ideal for obtaining a highly scenographic effect with a great aesthetic impact. Thanks to its variety of colors, grits and its ductility it is possible to make it both indoors and outdoors. It turns out to be an ideal flooring for swimming pools, avenues, squares, sidewalks, public gardens, theme [...]

Rock Wash Flooring: Elegant decor solutions for outdoor spaces

The particularity of the Rock Wash flooring  it is not so much the technique itself, already well known in the field. The added value consists in the vast range of colors and sizes of the stones, which gives a considerable aesthetic touch to this typically structural flooring technique. The technical characteristics of this typology [...]

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The beauty of colored stone combined with the strength of the concrete

What can you do with colored stones? In this article we will analyse the realisation of a floor made with the Rock Wash technique. What does Rock Wash mean? Rock Wash is a mixture of cement and stone with special additives. In practice, the strength of the cement is combined with the beauty of [...]

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