The particularity of the Rock Wash flooring  it is not so much the technique itself, already well known in the field. The added value consists in the vast range of colors and sizes of the stones, which gives a considerable aesthetic touch to this typically structural flooring technique.

The technical characteristics of this typology are well suited to the realisation of waterproof, resistant and totally carriageable floors, ideal for the wider external surfaces of forecourts, paths, parking lots and garages.

The Rock Wash floors are made mainly on site with a completely artisan process, which includes several stages:

  • preparation of the mixture of gravel, concrete and additives, to be thrown on an existing substrate;
  • application of the mix, smoothing at the finished floor level and application of specific deactivating products on the surface;
  • “washing” of the surface with an appropriate jet at controlled pressure;

Through the “washing”procedure, the colored stones will emerge from the concrete joints making the surface slightly rough. Upon request, a glossy finish can be added to give shine and provide an additional layer of wear protection.

The versatility of this technique is given by the chromatic range of the stones, but also by the possibility of intervening on the color of the cement, creating infinite color combinations.

In this series of images we can see some of the possible applications of Rock Wash flooring.

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