Interior Design: Identity and Style

Interior design is the design of spaces and objects of common use within private or commercial environments. Rockolors stones can become real design elements that can be combined with all styles of furniture; whether you want to add small colored details or cover larger spaces, the solutions are innumerable and the various laying techniques [...]

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Resin Rock Flooring: For those who don’t give up on style

Rockolors Resin floors are an original alternative to the most standard external flooring on the market: in addition to being a solution of extreme elegance and beauty, it is highly structural and draining at the same time. Depending on the technical requirements needed, thicknesses can vary from minimum values ​​for decorative coatings, up to [...]

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Rock Art: A new way of experiencing Art

Among the many Rockolors furnishing solutions we find Rock Art, the creation of real works of art with colored stones with a mosaic effect to decorate and customize any type of environment. Versatile and original, this solution involves the use of the Resin Rock laying technique that allows the creation of panels with a [...]

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On 9/10/11 November 2018 Rockolors participated in Riabita, the Showroom of interior design, in Fermo. During the fair we were able to confront ourselves with similar realities. We have also built good foundations for future collaborations, aimed at expanding and implementing our product range. The stand was set up taking care of every last [...]

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The first stages of the promotion of the Rockolors brand at the main authorities in the Italian architecture sector have just ended. With the collaboration of the provincial architects, landscapers, planners and conservators (OAPPC) orders, we had the honor of presenting the story behind the project and illustrating the infinite possibilities of using our [...]

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Flaminia and surroundings “The Rock Room created by Rockolors, the first Stone Museum where stones come to life.”

Rockolors: the first brand in the world dedicated to furniture in colored stones. How to turn simple stones into beautiful design objects? A new project is emerging from Cagli, starting from the desire to create new and innovative objects from an entrepreneur who has put himself on the line. We are talking about Rockolors, [...]

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