What can you do with colored stones?

In this article we will analyse the realisation of a floor made with the Rock Wash technique.

What does Rock Wash mean?

Rock Wash is a mixture of cement and stone with special additives.

In practice, the strength of the cement is combined with the beauty of the colored stone.

In this case, a pink color has been chosen taking up the shades and colors of the villa, we have accompanied it all with a stone and brown resin curb to resume the colors of the boundary wall that surrounds the house.

The resin and brown stone curbs have a dual function, the purely aesthetic one, but also a structural value, as they allow a division of the floor, a separation between one surface and the other that makes the floor not a single layer but 5 blocks different.

The advantage of this type of foresight is that over time the flooring will suffer much less from the stress caused by the movements and vibrations of the soil, and prevents the surface due to these natural phenomena from breaking or creating cracks.

Do you have a villa or an outdoor space to be paved?

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