About Us

Rockolors is the result of the combination between tradition and innovation:

TRADITION as the brand comes from the experience of a consolidated reality in the territory: the Casavecchia Group, which has been operating for over 50 years in the excavation and commercialisation of stone. The Group, born as a family business at the turn of the 60s and managed by the Casavecchia family – now in its third generation – is constantly evolving in terms of supply and quality and has achieved significant recognition over the years, always keeping the bond with its origins.

An experience rooted in the life and heart of this family, whose members know Stone like the back of their hands.

INNOVATION Since this attachment led the company to continue investing in the evolution of the product, seeking the right solutions to adapt to new market needs and involve different fields of application.
Thanks to the help of the best European chemists and to an oversight during the blending operation, our experts managed to find the secret ingredient that enabled us to color our stones indelibly, making them inert and therefore protected from atmospheric agents.

In May 2017, the company launched the first brand in the world specialized in certified colored stones, a very rich range in terms of dimensions, colors and finishes, Rockolors boasts prestigious international certifications for outdoor and indoor applications.

A mix of strength and unmatched beauty makes the products real gems of Italia Design, aimed to create emotional and innovative environments as well as traditional atmospheres.

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“Thanks to three generations of quarrymen that brought me deep knowledge of the stone I was able to create something absolutely unique.” Riccardo Casavecchia, Founder