Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure In the Gulf Countries

The New Year begins with breaking news for Rockolors! Our company has been selected by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE for the project Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure - MEP - In the Gulf Countries 2022 - 2023, an exclusive program aiming to promote MADE IN ITALY excellence in the [...]

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The infinite possibilities of Rock Wash by Rockolors!

The Rock Wash floors are ideal for obtaining a highly scenographic effect with a great aesthetic impact. Thanks to its variety of colors, grits and its ductility it is possible to make it both indoors and outdoors. It turns out to be an ideal flooring for swimming pools, avenues, squares, sidewalks, public gardens, theme [...]

The enchanted gardens by Rockolors!

There are no rules on how to make an enchanted garden. You just have to show your imagination and creativity. These mini gardens are like miniature landscapes with small trees, plants, paths, planters. An interesting alternative is to use gravel or pebbles to surround the plants of our outdoor space. We can do this [...]

The RockBox Gabions as Decorative Elements

Another creative solution for decorating your outdoor spaces is certainly the Rock Box technique! The metal gabions are filled with the fantastic Rockolors stones and can be easily positioned and assembled; they are very versatile decorative elements: they can be used as partitions, as fences, as planters or as an integral part of sophisticated [...]

Loose stone: the Solution to Decorate your Outdoor Spaces!

Here are some ideas to take inspiration from to decorate your garden with Rockolors stones in a creative and original way! Various types of laying can be used, including the Loose Stone Technique. With this technique it is possible to cover the most varied surfaces, from the driveway of the house, to planters and [...]

Colored Stones by Rockolors: Great for any Style

If you want some tips on how to improve and make your residence beautiful, then you could consider decorating your outdoor spaces with our Original Rockolors colored gravel. Inexpensive and easy to install, embellishing your space with Rockolors Original gravel is definitely a green and elegant choice. Like many other types of gravel decorations, [...]

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