Rockolors Resin floors are an original alternative to the most standard external flooring on the market: in addition to being a solution of extreme elegance and beauty, it is highly structural and draining at the same time.

Depending on the technical requirements needed, thicknesses can vary from minimum values ​​for decorative coatings, up to more substantial thicknesses to guarantee greater resistance to stresses and transits.

In addition, the particular composition allows the water to flow naturally to the bottom, thus preventing stagnation and consequent slipperiness.

The resinous binding material, although not visible, constitutes not only an additional layer of protection, but gives extreme brilliance to the color.

The laying of Resin Rock floors involves three main steps:

  • the preparation of the concrete substrate and any color sections by applying special aluminum profiles;
  • laying the mixture (prepared with the right dosages), compacted and levelled until the required thickness is reached;
  • drying and surface brushing to clean up the stones in excess;

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the resin dosage, this technique can also be adapted for indoor use: to ensure that a given surface is smooth and easy to clean, the stones are covered with multiple layers of resin until they are totally “incorporated ”, thus creating a smooth and waterproof coating.

To satisfy all tastes, the stone carpet can be treated with an opaque finish.

In the image gallery you can see some examples of coatings for outdoor and indoor environments.

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