There are many decorative and architectural solutions that can be obtained with the Loose Rock technique, one of which is Garden Design.

This laying technique consists in spreading the loose stones on a prepared substrate and then level and place them on various types of surface. Thanks to the use of special aluminum profiles, it is possible to create color sectors for the creation of personalised decorative motifs by playing with the infinite combinations of colors, finishes and grain sizes.

Loose stone enriches and decorates with elegance, creating real works of art; it is also a very versatile technique suitable to any area of ​​your garden, from a footpath to a decorative flowerbed.

To complete your personal space we can modulate metal cages to create steps and benches or add huge boulders as design elements; it is also possible to make palisades, retaining walls, curbs and many other products in the most diverse shapes and formats.

In this series of images we can see only some of the possible Garden Design outdoor furniture solutions.

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