The first brand in the world specialized in certified colored stones

Rockolors is an exclusive brand of certified colored stones, the first of its kind worldwide for chromatic choice and versatility of use.

We produce and sell a wide range of colored aggregates, gravels and pebbles, aimed to enhance and embellish any type of environment.

Laying Techniques

Just to mention some of the processes and end uses, our brand includes: loose colored pebbles for garden and urban design, resin-bound or washed gravel for external floors and wall coverings, colored stone mosaics for open-air masterpieces or interior design, architectural gabions … and so on.

Decor Solutions

Our colored aggregates are extremely versatile and suitable for unlimited decor solutions, both in outdoor and indoor environments, thanks to the different laying techniques that can be applied.

Rockolors includes gravels and pebbles of different sizes,
in two distinct assortments based on the type of color

Rockolors Original

ROCKOLORS ORIGINAL is the exclusive collection of colored aggregates that gave rise to the brand, offering a customized chromatic choice based on the RAL color range.

Rockolors Natural

ROCKOLORS NATURAL is a wide assortment of natural-colored gravels and pebbles, deriving from the finest quarries in the world.