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Rockolors S.r.l. operates in the production and sale of selected aggregates, concretes and bituminous conglomerates. But the real innovation is represented by the newborn Brand Rockolors – Colored furnishing stones.

A peerless collection of colored stones, designed to give added value to external and internal environments without limits of application: Rockolors is an exclusive brand of certified colored stones, first of its kind worldwide for chromatic choice and versatility of use.
The innovative Brand, launched in May 2017, offers a very wide range in terms of dimensions, colors and types, boasting prestigious international certifications for outdoor and indoor applications.

A mix of strength and unmatched beauty makes the products real gems of Italian Design, aimed to create emotional and innovative environments as well as traditional atmospheres.  The quarry stone, from the typical conformation of our hinterland, is extracted and carefully selected according to a specific range of aspects and dimensions.
After a thorough wash, the stones undergo the coloring treatment (calibrated on their porosity), which gives them a natural and semi-opaque rendering maintaining their typical irregularities.


Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure
in the Gulf Countries

The New Year begins with breaking news for Rockolors!

Our company has been selected by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE for the project Italian Home Interior & Infrastructure – MEP – In the Gulf Countries 2022 – 2023, an exclusive program aiming to promote MADE IN ITALY excellence in the Gulf area.

Take a look at our dedicated area on the institutional platform  “Digital Export” Business to Business.

B2B Platform


Crushed and natural stones deriving from the quarries of our hinterland, selected according to a specific range of sizes and subjected to a coloring treatment for a natural and semi-opaque final result. In addition to our basic color range, inspired by the most famous Rock songs, the integrated tinting system allows us to identify and faithfully reproduce on our stones the whole RAL color range.



Excellent quality gravels, pebbles and monoliths from all over the world, available in a huge range of sizes and natural shades. This collection includes a large number of irregular non-processed shaped gravels, rounded pebbles resulting from natural mechanical processes or manufacturing, naturally polished and sculpted monoliths of different shapes, sizes and colors.


Our colored aggregates are extremely versatile and lend themselves to unlimited decorative solutions, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the different applicable laying techniques.

Rock Room

Discover the first Showroom in the world dedicated to colored stones!


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