Rockolors stones are suitable for vertical walls, brickwork, facades and many other applications both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the innovative stone resin coating system, we are able to create panels of limited thickness and weight, suitable for installation on any vertical surface.

Self-standing panels, bespoke details or continuous walls are made with a completely artisan technique, which involves three main steps:

  • the tailor-made preparation of a special edged base, on which we will lay the mixture of gravel and resin;
  • laying the mixture (prepared with the right dosages), compacted and levelled until the thickness of the mould is reached;
  • the removal of the panel after the mixture is dry;

The panel, ready or to be cut, is finally applied on the vertical surface using cement glue.

The versatility of this laying technique allows us to obtain different types of surfaces, rough or with a glass effect, draining or saturated, based on the technical or aesthetic specifications of the project.

In this roundup of images we can see only some of the possible vertical furnishing solutions that can be made with our stones thanks to the infinite combinations of colors and grain sizes.

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