As well as being decorative elements, the RockBox gabions are part of the naturalistic engineering sector; in fact they can be used in the construction of retaining walls and counter-walls as a consolidating function for roads, railways, architectural structures and for hydrogeological defense.

Gabions are box structures connected in wire mesh woven with steel or iron wire of various sizes and customizable on request.

The box-shaped structures are filled with stones of suitable characteristics and sizes. The aggregates must be laid in such a way as to guarantee the correct weight and shape of the structure and a mutual interlocking of the stone material: the gabion exploits the mutual interaction between stones and metal mesh, acting as a solid and monolithic.

They are therefore elements of great versatility and resistance, easily transportable, non-deformable and ready for installation; they are draining and, if necessary, removable and reusable.

It is also possible to choose from a wide range of natural stones of different color and appearance, and are usable in different areas, from the construction industry to the public sector, suitable in the architecture field or as decorative design elements.

In the gallery are visible only some examples for using this laying technique, which can be adapted to many other environments and needs.

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