Rockolors: the first brand in the world dedicated to furniture in colored stones.

How to turn simple stones into beautiful design objects?
A new project is emerging from Cagli, starting from the desire to create new and innovative objects from an entrepreneur who has put himself on the line.
We are talking about Rockolors, the first brand in the world dedicated to furniture in colored stones that comes from the experience of 50 years of quarrying of the Casavecchia family and sees concrete development thanks to the supervision of chemical experts of European renown. The project was developed by a group of youngsters led by the founder, Riccardo Casavecchia.

But what is Rockolors ?

Rockolors is an exclusive collection of artificially colored stones following a very rigid and very strict process to make them colorful, and of absolutely natural appearance at the same time.
With Rockolors is then possible to furnish a flowerbed, redesign a yard for homes or public spaces and much more. They can be used for the most varied fields, from garden furniture, to street furniture, to interior furnishings, up to the creation of real design objects.
The peculiarity of these new materials in addition to the color is that they are protected from atmospheric agents and therefore resistant even to the harshest climatic conditions and absolutely accessible to vehicles.
From Pesaro to embellish the roundabouts of the city, passing through the redeveloping an important district of Rome, this ambitious project is enjoying success and appreciation.

To show the public the uniqueness of these materials, on Saturday 20 May 2017 in Cagli, the first Rockolors Showroom was opened.

It is an ambitious challenge that starts from a provincial town with the goal of bringing the uniqueness of  Italian Design all over the world.